Over 13,000 hedge funds reporting to the Eurekahedge Global Hedge Funds Database were up for nomination across multiple award categories based on fund strategy, geographic mandate, fund size and overall consistency in delivering return for their investors. A total of 250 nominees were selected across Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.


Most Consistent Canada-based Hedge Fund
•  Fiera Active Trading
•  Fiera Market Neutral Fund
•  Kassirer Market Neutral
•  MMCAP Fund
•  Vertex Arbitrage Fund
•  Waratah Performance

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Best European Billion Dollar Hedge Fund
•  ADG Systematic Macro Fund
•  CQS ABS Feeder Fund
•  H2O Adagio
•  H2O Allegro
•  H2O MultiBonds
•  Luxembourg Life Fund

Asia Pacific

Best Asian Long Short Equities Hedge Fund
•  Akito Fund
•  FengHe Asia Fund
•  Golden Pine Fund
•  KIS Asia Long Short Fund
• Sino Vision-Greater China Market Neutral Fund